Welcome to my humble abode

Well howdy,

First thing first, thank you soooo much for being here, I literally don’t expect anyone to read this it’s purely for myself but if you’re here, hello!!

I’m Emily, I’m 22, obsessed with Harry Potter & I love to read.

I’ll admit, I went through a phase where I just stopped reading and lived on my Xbox but after my discovery that I’m actually not very good at Alien or grand theft auto, I best stick to what I do best, reading and getting lost in my imagination.

I have sooooo many books to read, and I’m always boring my family by talking about them (soz Dad I know you don’t care about my latest Stephen King book…) so what better than to talk to myself! But, if you’re here for the ride, buckle up Huns

(Pls excuse my at first sarcastic but now serious use of the word hun).

And also my rambling by the look of it…🙄

Anyway! Now I’ve finished reading my latest fanfic, I’m finally going to crack on with one of the 20+ books on my shelf.

Starting with “Salem’s Lot” and by starting with I mean I’ll be finishing it – I’m about half way through- oops🤦‍♀️

Anyway, I’m off to complete my book and then leave it another 6 months before I pick one up (I joke!!)

Speak soon x

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my humble abode

  1. Don’t worry, we book lovers care about what you want to say! 😀

    I’ve read King’s “The Shining” a long time ago and loved it! “Carrie” is still on my shelf, though. I was about to buy “Salem’s Lot” last month, but since I still have tons of books waiting to be read, well, you should know how it went XD

    So I really want to know what you think about Salem’s Lot! Be sure to share it here after finishing it if you don’t mind 🙂


  2. This is why I’m so bad at reading like I’ll pick up a book and get halfway through and forget it’s there just like with the blog!

    The shining is amazing! Dr Sleep was pretty good too, would definitely recommend. Tell me about it, I see all these books and I have to stop myself there’s about 20 on my shelf🙈

    Of course! I’m actually just about to crack on and get reading it😁

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