The Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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Welcome back to my blog my lovely ppl❤

I’ve finished The Hero of Ages, and the whole Mistborn Book series from Brandon Sanderson! I’ll be doing a review on the series as a whole (probably the post after this one, and I’ll link my 3 reviews into that post should you want to read them).

Anyway, ON WITH THE REVIEW (especially since it’s taken me so long to read it..)

On the whole, this book was good, but not as good as the previous two. I felt like it was a very slow burner and then rushed at the end, almost as if the publishers had said “you need to get it out ASAP” and he wrote it so quickly.

I will say, it did come a full circle, and everything made sense at the end, which was a massive positive of the book, especially since the first two build up to that exact moment. That being said, I did find the getting to that point rushed.

The book was also split into 3/4 POV, so you were never sure who you were going to be following in which chapter, which I think is why it was so full and slow, because he was trying to tie up too many things.

On the whole, the book was good, a slow burner with a rushed ending, but it did round off the series nicely and tied everything together.

Now I’ve finally read the whole series I’ll do a complete post on the series as a whole, which will be out soon. 

Have you read The Hero Of Ages? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


Em Xx

5 thoughts on “The Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson – A Review. [SPOILERS]

  1. I personally like the slow burners, and I feel like that is kind of what Sanderson is known for. It does seem rushed now that I think about it, but I loved how he wrapped everything up at the end. It felt like the last 10% or so of the book was pure adrenaline.

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