Inferno, Dan Brown – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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Hello my lovely followers,

I’ve just completed Inferno by Dan Brown so I thought I’d put a quick post together on it (and by quick I mean it’ll be suuuuper long)

So, whenever I read Dan Brown’s books I always like to figure out what’s going on and how it will end. I got one part right this time – go me.

ANYWAY! To my review…

I’m speechless. I don’t expect anything less than excellence from Dan Brown and I wasn’t disappointed this time.

It was fast paced, without rushing, it featured so much history and background to bring everything together, each chapter was a cliff hanger.

Relying heavily on Dante’s The Divine Comedy it had to feature a lot of history, but not too much it became “boring” which it achieved effortlessly.

Each chapter brought us another twist and turn and each character introduction was done at just the right time to aid the book.

Dan Brown creates a book full of turns and twists and things that throw you upside down to create a masterpiece, a scavenger hunt contained within a book full to the brim with history.

This book made such an impression on me that I not only brought my own copy of Dante’s The Divine Comedy (review to come!) But that I am looking for holidays to Florence to explore some of the places mentioned in the book.

My overall rating? 4 out of 5. 4 because I felt at a very small point about 2 thirds through we lost ourselves a little bit before the book was pulled back to the plot.

Have you read Inferno? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Em xx

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