Pet Semetary, Stephen King – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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Hello my wonderful followers!

I set myself a goal to read Pet Semetary before the new adaptation came out in England (I have a big thing about reading a book before I watch the film) and I’m so excited to say I finished it! And because I finished it, that means review time…

Overall I’d give Pet Semetary by Stephen King 4.5 out of 5 stars. In my opinion, not his best work, but pretty damn close.

In my head, I knew a vague idea of the story already, but nothing prepared me for actually reading it. I wanted to cry at certain points, but mostly, mostly it just really bloody scared me. 

Not only are the characters so well developed, to the point you feel you know them, but the scene is also set brilliantly when they’re actually visiting the Pet Semetary you feel as though you’re there with them, you can almost feel the wind on your face and see the stony soil as they’re digging it up.

Whilst the book didn’t come to the “main event” until about 80% in it didn’t once feel boring or too slow. And the last 80% was just a rollercoaster of emotions. I was not prepared at all for the twist – which goes to show King’s writing ability.

I personally thought Louis Creed was losing his mind, but then again his son had just died, he had dug him back up again and he’d just found his father figure and wife dead, but the twist, wooow. I was not prepared at all! I think once I read the twist and got my head around it, it made the book for me, which is why I gave it 9/10.

I really enjoyed Pet Semetary and I can’t wait to see how they portray it in the film, I think Ellie dies instead of Gage? So that will be an interesting take.

Have you read Pet Semetary? Let me know your thoughts below. 

Until next time! Xx

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