A lil update on What Em’s ReadingšŸ“š


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well (I talk to you like you’re my pals, soz). Anyway, I just wanted to share an update on What Em’s reading as I know I haven’t been consistent through JuneĀ at all.Ā 

So, this month has just been NUTS. We started the month visiting my brother & sister in law in Surrey, my brother is a member of the British Army and he was passing out his troops so we went to watch that (which was amazing, I’m so proud of him),Ā I got a new car, mine was starting to fall apart and it just wasn’t worth keeping it anymore so I upgraded, but bam there was 3 evenings gone,Ā lmao. And lastly, we went away! To the cutest lil log cabin in the middle ofĀ Sherwood ForestĀ (with Robin Hood & his merry men) and that was just amazing, and I got all the relaxation I needed.

Basically, it’s beenĀ fucking manic.Ā And I’ve barely had time to pick up a book.

BUT, I’m back, I’ve just been planning out theĀ Top Ten Tuesday’sĀ I’m going to take part in, getting some ideas for First Line Friday and I’ve reorganised my bookshelf to kick start my reading again, so I’ll be backĀ in force! U AIN’T READY…Ā 

What Em’s reading will always heavily featureĀ Top Ten TuesdayĀ andĀ First Line Friday,Ā amongst reviews & other book-related topics. I take part in these two tags specifically because I feel they give you such a nosey into people’s reading habits and what they like!! I think it’s so personal and much more interesting than you lot all just reading an about me post lmao.

I’ve already started Stephen King’s “Thinner” and I’m super getting into so I’ll be updating with a review for that soon.

Write soon.Ā Em xx

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