Top 10 Tuesday – Unpopular Bookish Opinons📚

What Em's Reading (3)

Hello! I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the fab blog That Artsy Reader Girl (be sure to check her out if you haven’t already). This time I’m giving my Top Five unpopular book opinions – I’m curious to see if these make anyone else’s lists so I’ll be having a nosey!


  1. An ebook is just as good as a physical book. I love my Kindle, it’s so easy to carry around literally hundreds of books, I have a book on there for whatever mood I’m in and while it isn’t the same as holding a physical book I don’t want to lug around a massive hardback book. Have you ever tried to carry Order of the Phoenix in hardback around?!
  2. The Hunger Games series is overrated. I mean my copies are battered because I’ve read them so much but the more I read them the more they just seem “meh”
  3. “IT” is such a difficult book to get into. I feel like IT is THE Stephen King book that you must read but I can’t get into it at all, I found it really hard to get into, I’ve tried twice to read it and I just couldn’t 😦
  4. Harry Potter is the best book series ever written. Probs not an unpopular opinion but there are some people out there that don’t like Harry Potter?
  5. None fiction books can be just as good as fiction. It purely depends on what you’re reading. Reading about Jack The Ripper? Cool. Reading an encyclopedia? You do you. Read what you bloody well enjoy!

Well, there’s my top 5 unpopular book opinions. Now I’ve written them out I’m wondering if they’re actually THAT unpopular – guess we’ll see!

Until next time. Em xx

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