Death Warrant, Will Pearson – A Review [SPOILERS].

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Hey! I’m back again with another review, of a book that I actually finished this time!!! WOOP. I’ve just finished reading (as you can see from the title) Death Warrant by Will Pearson. 

Overall rating, 5 out of 5 stars. 

I don’t usually read none fiction books, as I’m quite picky about topics I’m actually interested in, so when I was given this book by my Grandad to read I was umming and ahhing if I would actually get round to finishing a book.

The book itself focuses on the Brink Mat Robbery (I’ve linked a bit more on the story for anyone interested). In which millions of pounds worth of gold was stolen from a high security vault in London. So much gold was stolen that even now in 2019 if you are wearing a piece of yellow gold jewellery chances are it contains stolen goods.

The tale itself weaves a web of lies, of money laundering, gold melting and gangsters, wives and their mistresses galore, including murders of a police officer and an unsuspecting civilian.

Pearson used a collection of sources to write his book, police reports, testimonies, etc, all while telling the story of the robbery and subsequent events. For me, this made it more than just a “story” it made it real, which is why I enjoyed it so much.

My Dad and Grandad are both trained Goldsmith’s by trade, and in the 80’s they were working in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham (UK). They were provided with a list of the serial numbers from every gold bar stolen in case someone tried to sell solid gold bars to them. I knew the robbery was huge but to hear it from a personal perspective just blew my minddddddd. 

Have you read Death Warrant? Let me know if you have!

Em x


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