The Righteous Men, Sam Bourne – A review. [SPOILERS]

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Hi everyone! I’m back from a slightly more extended break than I planned to take (sorry about that) and I’m going to be reviewing The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne. I did update my blog with a quick what I was reading which you can view here… But here is my proper review!

I didn’t actually finish this book, so my review and rating is based on the first 17 chapters that I actually did read.

1 out of 5 stars. This book was tipped to be better than The Da Vinci Code, but I have to say it was no where near.

The story was downright confusing at points, the main character was a journalist, he started the book trying to write a newspaper article on a gangster that had just died and just before I ended reading it his wife had been taken hostage by someone.

And on top of that… None of the characters were actually that interesting, they didn’t have a lot of depth to them, every time it felt like we were reaching the peak of a plot twist we were let down.

Even after reading 17 chapters, I still wasn’t entirely sure where the book was going. On the whole, it was pretty awful.

Have you read The Righteous Men? Let me know what you thought!

Em x

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