Top 10 Tuesday – Characters I’d like to switch places with📚

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Woop woop we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday (by we I mean me, we sounded better though soz) and today I’ll be taking on the Top Ten Characters I’d love to swap places with! Be sure to check out That Artsy Reader Girl’s post on this when you’ve finished reading mine.

Well we best get goooooing…

  1. Hermione Granger – I mean did anyone expect me to not put her on here? I know Hermione didn’t have the easiest of times at Hogwarts but I just wish I could trade places with her.
  2. Lucy Pevensie – Lucy was the lovely character that got to meet Mr Tumnus and the great Aslan as well as discovering Narnia, why wouldn’t I want to swap with her?!
  3. Robert Langdon – I mean the man literally visits every single country and place I want to go 😦
  4. Clarice Starling – just for a day I would love to be a part of the FBI, and inside her mind chasing Dr Lecter. 
  5. Luna Lovegood – she’s one of my favourite Harry Potter characters, and I just find her so quirky that I’d love to be inside her head, just for 1 day!

Do any of my characters match yours? Let me know in the comments! 

Till next time, Em xx

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