[Discussion Post] 📚What do you do with your DNFR?📚


Good afternoon! Today I want to know what do you do with your DNFR? 

I try my very hardest to complete a book, even if I am really struggling to read it, but sometimes you just have to give up, for your own sake. Recently, I attempted to read two books, The Righteous Men, Sam Bourne – A review. [SPOILERS] and Murder at the Fitzwilliam, Jim Eldridge – A Review [SPOILERS] both of which I could not finish.

I reviewed them, based on what I had read of the book and then why I couldn’t finish it (I believe in publishing a review even if you thought the book was utter crap, but that’s another post!) and then I’m going to give these two books to the charity shop. Let someone else have a read, they might enjoy them!

What do you do with your DNFR? Let me know in the comments. Em xx

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