It’s October?!


Hello, hello, HELLO! And welcome to my blog (if you’re new) and welcome back (if you already follow me). We are now into October which I’m just mind blown at where the year has actually gone?! MATE, I’m gonna make my parents get the christmas decs down soon I’m going all out BALLS OUT this year. 

ANYWAY, I didn’t actually intend to write this post to share my love of Christmas with you all, or to shout about where the year has gone, I actually did it because I am going to be partaking in a Harry Potter tag! Reason being, October is my birthday month (WOOP) so whilst I’ll be here with the usual TTT and FLF I don’t think I’ll get more than a couple of books read & then reviewed.

Crikey this is going to be a long post, soz if you’re still here, I recommend getting a brew or something???

So, the tag is meant to be done over 30 days, but some of the questions/statements I’m going to pair together, because I just feel like they should be on the same one, ya know what I mean? 

I’ll be starting on October 1st and continuing throughout October with my posts, I’ve even designed a fancy new lil graphic to go at the top, how sad am I 😦 also apologies if you don’t like Harry Potter but I’ll be tagging all my posts as HP so you can just scroll past if you see that.

AHHH I’m so excited to start so I’ll be sharing my first post on 1.10.19. Until then, Em xx


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