⚡️HP tag⚡️ – Part of the film(s) that made me angry because they missed part of the book.

What Em's Reading (1)

Woop woop, back again with another part of my HP tag. I really feel for you if you don’t like Harry Potter! SORRY NOT SORRY :)))

Anyway, back to it, and today’s tag is: part of the film(s) that made me angry as they were missed out a part of the book. I actually have several things that make me angry, that were missed out (or portrayed wrong) but I won’t go into those again, today at least. 

The one thing that did really annoy me that they left out was Peeves, I loved him, there were so many funny moments and passages in the book that included him and I think that he would have been great to see on screen!

Is anyone else super annoyed that they left Peeves out?! Amongst other things of course, but that was really my main issue with the films.

Till next time, Em xx

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