⚡HP tag⚡ – Do any parts of the books or films make you cry?

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Hello and welcome back to another instalment of my Harry Potter tag, wow congrats if you’re still here and reading these! It must be a shock to see me posting so regularly! Today I’m going to be talking about parts of the books and films that made me cry 😦

There are quite a few parts, so I’ve narrowed it down to just the ones I feel most strongly about otherwise we would be here all day SOZ.

The first thing that really made me cry in the books was when Sirius and Remus were reunited, I’m not sure why, it just made me a lil bit emotional.

Of course we have many MANY character deaths (looking at u JKR) but the ones that hit me hardest were Dobby (of course) and Remus and Tonks, they had just started their lives together, they had Teddy, THEY HAD NO NEED TO DIE. As you can tell, still not over this.

The last part I wanted to bring up was when Hermione and Ron fought in GOF, when Hermione didn’t want to be a second option to Ron, I really felt that in my heart 😦

What parts of Harry Potter made you cry? Let me know in the comments and we’ll all have one giant sob fest over HP xx

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