⚡️HP tag⚡️ – Which house was I sorted into?

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“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”

Welcome back to my blog and my HP tag that I’m running through the month of October, I’m so excited to be doing this tag and especially this post, I would wear a badge telling people which Hogwarts house I’m in if I thought it was socially acceptable.

If you didn’t already guess from the first line, I am a RAVENCLAW! I’ve sorted myself 3 times on Pottermore and get Ravenclaw every time, I think it’s meant to be. Rubbing shoulders with Luna Lovegood, Ollivander and of course Professor Flitwick.

Have you been sorted on Pottermore (if not, what are you doing with ur life?!) Let me know your house in the comments below!

Also can I just say happy birthday 2 me!!! I’m 24 today✌

Till next time, Em xx

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