⚡️HP tag⚡️ – What effect did Harry Potter have?

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Let’s all get cosy and discuss the effect that Harry Potter has had on my life…

The effect Harry Potter has had on my life is un-measurable (is that a word???) I literally could not imagine my life without it.

Not only has it created friendships, with other like-minded HP fans, it’s opened up so many avenues in my life, given me places to visit, things to tick off my bucket list, the lot.

I started reading it a lot when I was younger (my books are falling apart now) and it became my escape from life, I would get so engrossed reading them, and fall into the Wizarding World.

Even as an adult, they are my go to book, if I can’t find something to read while I’m having a bubble bath, Harry Potter. Had a stressful day at work? Read some HP. It has literally become so ingrained in my day to day life that it’s hard to think of life without it.

Has anything made this much of an impact on you? Let me know! Em xx

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