⚡️HP tag⚡️ – This or that?

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Hello my lovely followers, welcome back if you already have the joy of following me and welcome to anyone new! I’m back again with another part of my Harry Potter Tag and today I’ll be doing a “this or that”.

Time to get stuck in!

Horcruxes or Hallows?

Horcruxes are just going too far for me, the whole process of creating one, NAH. I do dislike the Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone but I am rather fond of the Invisibility Cloak, which I would love to have in my possession. Think of the things you could do?!

Voldemort or Harry?

Harry – clearly!

Books or films? 

The books are just sooo much better, they actually build the plot properly for a start. You get a more in depth look into absolutely everything. Places, characters, lessons, you’re able to build your own images in your head of how everything looks.

I do imagine the characters as they’re shown in the films when I re-read the books now, but if you told me I could only watch the films or read the books for the rest of my life I would choose to read!

Cloak, wand or stone? 

Cloak. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and each has its own merits, but also it’s own downfalls. And for me, the cloak is the lesser of the evils that can come with owning these items.

Do you agree with my choices for this or that? Let me know what you think! Em xx

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