⚡️HP tag⚡️ – Are you satisfied with the epilogue?

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Hello! I’m here with my last instalment on my Harry Potter tag, and today I’m discussing the epilogue…

I wanted to save this one until last, just as the epilogue finished the books, this will round off my Harry Potter Tag.

I’m in two minds about the epilogue, when I read the books I don’t want them to end, and I did feel that compared to the thought and the level of writing that went into those seven books the epilogue was a bit crap compared. There didn’t seem to be as much thought put into it. And don’t even get me started on those names… 

However, I do feel that if JKR had put the same amount of effort and writing into the epilogue then the books could have easily continued for another how many?! So I know she had to round them off, and send Harry, Ron and Hermione onto the next chapter of their life that we wouldn’t be seeing.

I do feel like the epilogue wasn’t as well written but at the same time that could just be because I didn’t want the books to end! 

What did you think of the epilogue? Let me know! Em xx

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