Top Ten Tuesday – TT favourite bookmarks📚

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Well hello there everyone! Welcome back to my blog and another instalment on TTT (which is currently hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl), today I’m going to be writing about my top five (bcos I honestly don’t think I have ten) fave bookmarks.

I do actually have a bookmark, I actually have two, and I do use both of them but as you’ll see in this list I use a lot of other crap as well.

  1. My Ravenclaw HP bookmark. This was brought for me as a gift from my lovely boyfriend (who brought it for me bcos he knew I’m a Ravenclaw) so it’s my favourite one.
  2. Leather effect HP bookmark. I brought this HP one for myself from the studio tour in London, it’s a faux leather one and has the little tassel type bottom, which I love.
  3. Cinema tickets. One of my fave things to use is an old cinema ticket lmao. Honestly, I keep like most of my tickets, not because I’m sentimental, it’s because they’re quite small and make the perfect bookmark.
  4. Postcards. No one sends postcards anymore so I buy them for myself when I go to nice places (i.e. National Trust properties) and use them as bookmarks!
  5. Old football tickets. I keep too many football tickets (I’m a massive Aston Villa fan) so they’re dotted around my room, super easy to grab hold of and use.

So, there’s my take on the TTT and my top five favourite bookmarks. 

Let me know if you’re taking part in this weeks TTT so I can check out your post too. Till next time, Em xx

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