Dolores Claiborne, Stephen King – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to review one of the two Stephen King books that I read in one weekend – WOOP – it’s Dolores Claiborne. 

Overall rating – 5 out 5 stars. 

I’ll start by saying that I did find this book a bit odd at first, I was reading it in bed and thought to myself “I’ll finish the chapter then bookmark it and go to sleep” but there literally is no chapters??? Once I got used to the constant narrative it was superb. 

Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King was excellent. Not only does the constant narrative show King’s ability to hold a reader (usually if there’s no chapters or no clear breaks in the text my eyes just go a bit funny) but it also is a bloody good read. God that sounded so British.

ANYWAY! Slightly different to other King books I’ve read recently with their supernatural goings on, Dolores Claiborne focuses on real-life scares, of a wife being beaten, a daughter being sexually abused by her father and an old lady (that Dolores Claiborne is looking after) in denial about her children who died in a car crash.

I experienced so many emotions reading this book and I can honestly say it’s very highly ranked in my Stephen King list.

Have you read Dolores Claiborne? Let me know, we can talk about it! Em xx

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