Are you ready for sweater weather? (Or jumper weather for us UK folks)👚


Hello my lovely followers, something a little different for you today, it’s a book tag! I haven’t done one of these for SO long that I thought I’d do one! This is the sweater (jumper to us UK folks) tag…

Hot chocolate / What’s your favourite comfort book – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I will return to this book (and the other HP books) over and over again.

Pumpkin carving / What’s your creative outlet – Blogging, I honestly have so many drafts and trashed posts that I’ve just come on and typed to my heart’s content to get things out.

Falling leaves / Changes that appear bad but you secretly love – The dark nights coming in. It always frightens me how early it gets dark for the first few days, but I actually love it because it means Christmas is finally on its way!

Pumpkin spiced latte / Something you love that others tend to judge – I love the flavoured drinks at Costa, everyone thinks I’m a basic white girl but I will make my way through the whole menu.

Bonfire night / What makes you explode with joy – Walks in Cannock Chase when all the leaves have come off the trees, it’s so beautiful.

Friday night / Favourite scary film – Scream (1996) directed by Wes Craven.

Halloween candy / Favourite thing to eat – Gingerbread men, I get so excited with the themed ones at the supermarket.

Scarves / Your autumn accessory must-have – It is actually a scarf, I have multiple that go with different outfits, and they’re big ones that can unfold into what is basically a blanket lmao.

And there is my sweater weather book tag! I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you all have a lovely Autumn. Em xx

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