Top Ten Tuesday – Thankful Freebie📚

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Hey everyone! Today’s TTT is a thankful freebie, as in just a couple of days it will be Thanksgiving in America (we don’t actually have this holiday in the UK but that doesn’t stop me for being thankful for things). As always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I could easily list 10 things (or more) that I’m thankful for so I’ve decided not to put a number on this post, I’m just going to list to my heart’s content! BUCKLE UP!!!!

I am thankful for…

My family, my boyfriend, my friends, my health, the NHS (it is literally the most amazing thing), every follower I have on this blog, this blog in general, being able to read when and wherever I like, for having a job, for being able to buy myself books whenever I want to, for warmth, for a bed to sleep in every night, for the stability that having family brings, for being so loved by everyone around me, for being alive.

There are so so so many things that I’m thankful for and as I get older it becomes less about the latest tech I have, or where I buy clothes from and more about the love of the people around me, the people around me and various other non-materialistic things.

I’m not saying I’m not thankful for my Xbox (cos I sure am) or for my phone (because it allows me to communicate with my loved ones) or for my nice car parked on the drive, but that I’m thankful for so much more than that now I’m getting older.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving then have the most wonderful day! Em xx

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