[Discussion Post] ๐Ÿ“šHow do I write my reviews?๐Ÿ“š


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I thought I’d do something different today and have a bit of a discussion, so I’ve got my cup of tea next to me and I’m ready to discuss…

How do I write my reviews?

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, more so to give an insight into how I actually read and review books, aside from the simple “read the pages, type the review” which is how it seems when a glossy, nicely typed review comes out of my blog.

ANYWAY, I digress…ย 

I am terrible for hoarding reviews, I will start by admitting that, I’m Emily and I’m a review hoarder. At the moment, I have 5 book reviews sitting in my draft folder, that are complete and ready to be shared.

To write my reviews I have a lil process in my head!

1 – I will finish reading a book and quickly grab my phone pull up a draft on WordPress and jot down how I’m feeling, my thoughts about it and any comments that I want to expand upon when I write a full review.ย Think scrappy bit of paper with random notes!ย 

2 – I give it an overall rating based on how I feel at that time.

3 – After a couple of days to digest the book I’ll log into WordPress on my laptop and start to make the random notes into some form of sentences and something that might make sense to other people.

4 – If I need to make changes to the star rating I will, depending on how I feel after a couple of days and once I’ve digested it.

5 – I type it up all neat, add my graphics and tags, tidy up the title and then save it to my draft folder for well over a week :)))

7 – Eventually I share it with you guys, after I’ve read the book about 6 weeks prior to sharing it – OOPS.ย 

I very much like to get down what I’m thinking straight away and then come back to it once I’ve settled down, I don’t often change my overall star rating but sometimes I do think I’ve been a bit harsh and adjust it.

I’m curious to know what your reviewing process is, are you methodical and organised or do you like to get your ideas out and then craft the review after? Let me know!!! Em xx

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