Top Ten Tuesday – TT Christmas activities📚

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Good morning (or evening depending on where you’re reading this!) today is a freebie on Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and I’ve decided in the spirit of Christmas to do my Top Ten Festive Activities! I’m actually so excited to do this post lmao.

1 – Making paper chains. I turned 24 this year and I still love making paper chains, I will go to places like Hobbycraft and by specific Christmas ones and spend HOURS making them. 

2 – Decorating the Christmas tree/house. This is easily the best part of the year for me, getting the decorations down from the loft and making the whole house look like a festive bomb has gone off – WOOP. 

3 – Making mince pies. Okay I actually hate mince pies, I don’t like mincemeat and if any of it touches me I gag, but, making mince pies for everyone else (my dad, grandparents, neighbours) is one of my fave things to do at Christmas time. 

4 – Drink hot chocolate with so many marshmallows you could sink a ship. I love hot chocolate all year round, but at Christmas, I have a special mug I use and I pile it so high with whipped cream and marshmallows. Bliss. 

5 – Making Christmas cookies/biscuits. A lot of Christmas for me is making treats for everyone else, we have quite a large extended family and lots of elderly neighbours so at Christmas there’s never someone far away who would love some cookies or biscuits. 

There are probably so many more activities I could bore you with that I do at Christmas, but I won’t! Mainly because I’m off to write some Christmas cards and wrap some presents and sing badly to Christmas music.

Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoyed my TTT freebie! Em xx

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