📚I’m taking a lil break📚


Hey guys what is up! It is Christmas in like no time at all and I am beyond excited!!!! Everything is wrapped and ready to go, I have officially made peace* with the tin of quality street sat underneath our tree and I am SO ready for my two weeks off work – which starts TODAY!

*AKA I’ve hidden them.

Which is why I’m writing this post…

So, we are lucky enough to get two weeks off work at Christmas just by using 3 annual leave days. And this year both my parents are going to be off for the first week (ovbs over Christmas) and then my boyfriend is off for the two weeks that I’m off for – WOOP!

I love Christmas (more so now I’m older) because of the family time and the time we all spend together and the laughs that we will all have

With that in mind, I’m gonna be taking a lil break! And spending some time away from my phone and laptop in general and really immersing myself in Christmas this year (like I haven’t been doing that since mid November lmao).

Aside from a couple of scheduled posts that I have already set up to go out during my lil break period, I will have nothing else new to share! And will be back with a bang in January 2020 🙂

As this is pre-written/scheduled I wanted to take the time to say Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a fabulous time, whatever you are doing and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

See ya in 2020 xxxxxxxx

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