[Discussion Post] 📚Fictional Bucket List📚


Hey guys and welcome back to my blog (hello if you’re new, hope you’re ready to join the crazy train!)

ANYWAY today I’ve decided to write my fictional bucket list, which I’m fully aware will never be ticked off but I fancied a bit of fun for my evening.

1 – To go to Hogwarts. This is a literal lifelong dream of mine.

2 – To be sorted properly by the Sorting Hat. I’m Ravenclaw on Pottermore and I imagine that’s what I would be at Hogwarts but ya girl needs to know for real.

3 – To go on an adventure with Percy Jackson and Co. I reckon this would be scary but AMAZING.

4 – To visit Mount Olympus and the Gods. HELLO MR D GOD OF WINE😍 are you looking for a wife?!

5 – To visit Narnia. I have always loved The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe so getting to Narnia would be a big deal for me.

6 – To interview Dr Hannibal Lecter. I mean how amazing would this be? The man is a sociopath in it’s purest form and it would make for an amazing case study.

7 – To visit the Capitol. I do (now I’m older) struggle with The Hunger Games, I find it quite problematic but I would love to visit the Capitol, it has so much fanfare and craziness.

I am fully aware these things will never happen but your girl can dream!!! What would be on your fictional bucket list? Let me know!

Em xxx

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