January Round Up🔁


Hey guys, what is up and welcome back to my blog! One of my not resolutions but one of my plans for 2020 was to do a monthly round-up on my blog, especially since I have SO MANY books to read, and lots of drafts going out (in Feb and March) that are actually books I read in January lmao.

So, in January I read a total of 6 books! Ah man, I’m actually so impressed with that, though I guess that doesn’t make up for the 10+ books I added to my list…

January saw me read Before You Wake, One Week ‘Til Christmas, The Doll, The Sunday Philosophy Club, The Lost Symbol and The Woman in Black. 

I actually think I was pretty generous with my ratings for these books, maybe 2020 is the year I’m a bit nicer! But, you’ll have to wait until various points in February and March to read the reviews.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve done your January round-up yet so I can come check it out!

Em xxx

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