The House of Closed Doors, Jane Steen – A Review. [SPOILERS]

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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I’m writing this amidst so much STUFF, we’re having new carpets fitted at home so literally everything has had to move out of the hall, the stairs and landing and my parent’s bedroom.

Anyway, on with the review… I’m going to be sharing my review of The House of Closed Doors by Jane Steen.

Overall rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

This is one of the books that I added to my Kindle and kept stored in a folder for months before I read it and I’m really disappointed in myself that I left it so long, I really enjoyed this book!

I found it took a while to get into the actual storyline, but once it did I found it was brilliantly written. It had the balance of being descriptive and detailed but at the same time progressing the story.

Character wise I found that Nell, the main character, was likeable, easy to get to know and had quite a lot of depth to her (she wasn’t just 2D like some female characters can be).

The book itself didn’t focus solely on the death of Jo and her baby, which in some ways I was glad for because it allowed us to explore other characters and get to know them. But at the same time it felt like Jo was just a passing comment and the author didn’t develop her fully.

That being said I really enjoyed The House of Closed Doors and would definitely recommend! Until next time, Em xx

2 thoughts on “The House of Closed Doors, Jane Steen – A Review. [SPOILERS]

  1. Thanks for the lovely review! I think quite a few people have The House of Closed Doors buried deep in their Kindles somewhere–I think I’ve given away half a million copies by now. Your remark about Jo was interesting.


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