My favourite fictional items❤️


Welcome back to my blog! I’m doing something slightly different today and I’m writing about my favourite fictional items❤️ so without further introduction here they are!

  1. Wands. I mean who would not love to have a wand, the possibilities are endless with a wand!
  2. Time Turner. We all wish we had a bit more time sometimes and that’s exactly what this was made for.
  3. The cupboard to Narnia. HELLO, it literally opens a door into a brand new world!
  4. A Lightsaber. They are literally made of pure plasma, cuts through anything AND glows in a variety of colours, what is not to love?
  5. Neuralyzer. There are so many situations this would be useable in, I need 100…

I had so much fun writing this post, it made me feel very wishful that these things actually existed in the real world!

Anyway, those are my top 5 fictional items, are any of them yours? Let me know in the comments!

Em xxx

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