Summer Unplugged, Amy Sparling – A Review. [SPOILERS].

WOOP, I am here with another review for everyone, this time of a free Kindle book I downloaded, Summer Unplugged by Amy Sparling. 

Whilst I did think this book was a very light hearted read and didn’t require much thought to get into it or to read it, at points, it was cringey and on the whole quite disappointing, compared to how the blurb made it sound. 

I hated the main character Bayleigh, I thought she was annoying! She treated her friend like trash, and her relationship with Ian just made me want to shake her – the author had written her to be very boy focused and I really didn’t enjoy that. To me it sounded very different to how the blurb described the book.

I did like Jace our main male lead, but I feel as though we didn’t get to know him as well, so we were left to make quite a few assumptions about him and fill in the blanks ourselves. 

It’s disappointing that the author didn’t expand upon the characters, as I feel it would have enhanced the story and explained a lot more about why our two main characters were the way they were.

The story itself, and the reason Bayleigh ended up staying with her grandparents was just ridiculous. I honestly felt like it wasn’t relevant, and the fact that the author didn’t really address it at any point later in the book made it seem like a pointless plot.

On the whole, I felt like this book was okay, I won’t rush to buy the sequel and follow up on their relationship but I certainly wouldn’t say it was completely rubbish. 

Em xxx

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