A Wedding in Cornwall, Laura Briggs – A Review. [SPOILERS].

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I’m sharing my review of A Wedding in Cornwall by Laura Briggs. This is another one that I completed back in May and have only just got round to sharing!

A Wedding in Cornwall was just a lovely, sweet read! I really enjoyed it, and it was a great start to what seems to be a popular series (I haven’t read any others yet).

I particularly enjoyed how the author seemed to bring Cornwall to life, we can almost taste the sea air as we’re transported to the cliffs of one of the UK’s most popular destinations.

Our characters were okay, they weren’t anything special but when they were put together and alongside the story you could almost fill in the gaps that were left. I thought Julianne was great, her attitude towards British life and our stiff upper lip made me chuckle. Matthew didn’t stand out that much but our estate owners and house staff were brilliantly written!

The whole story flowed perfectly, while there weren’t many twists and the plot was fairly basic, the writing and how we moved through the story more than made up for this and it was just a lovely read.

I really enjoyed A Wedding in Cornwall and I’ll definitely be reading the rest of the series!

Em xxx

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