Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer – A Review.

Hello everyone! I’m back again with a review of the third book in the Twilight Series – Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.

As always there may be spoilers in my review so please proceed with caution!

I want to start by saying that Eclipse is my least favourite of the 4 books, I’m not saying I hated it but in a ranking it would come at the bottom.

The plot of Eclipse is good, it has so much depth to it and there are plenty going on. Especially in regards to the animosity between the Cullen’s and the wolves. I also really loved how we finally got an insight into the Wolves and their history and legends and also Jasper’s background. I feel these 2 aspects really brought the book to life and filled in a few gaps we had.

I did feel the fight between Victoria and her new borns and the Cullen’s and the wolves was dragged out, and I felt so awkward reading about Edward, Bella and Jacob all in that tent together – it felt so forced, and I get it’s meant to be that way but it was so hard to read!

There are also several situations where Meyer could have really made a clear point on what is right and wrong and she didn’t. Namely Jacob kissing Bella without her consent and then when she tells Charlie his initial reaction is not one of a Father… And I feel that’s what really frustrates me about Eclipse, and is the reason why I don’t enjoy it as much as the others.

That being said, I do enjoy Eclipse, it’s just my least fave of the 4!

Keep your eyes peeled because Breaking Dawn review is coming your way soon too.

Em xxx

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