Mini Reviews!

Hey everyone! Here are a selection of mini reviews for short stories I read during June. I’ll put their title, author and length, along with a short description prior to the review of them.

The Text by Claire Douglas. 40 pages long on Kindle. Published August 2017.

My review – I feel let down by this book, if I’m being completely honest. The blurb really grabbed me and when I actually read the book I was disappointed and felt as though we were led on. I felt like we went round in circles and just lacked the spark to make this book good and the ending was just too easy.

Alive by Sharon Bolton. 58 pages long on Kindle. Published March 2018.

My review – I really enjoyed this story, it might have helped that I read it at night in the dark but it really gave me creepy feels! Bolton creates an atmosphere that’s intense and builds up really well. I love a mystery but I was disappointed that we didn’t find anything else out about the Craftsman, just a little bit to tie the story together would have been perfect.

Tell Him He’s Dead by Tony Parsons. Published January 2018.

My review – I am shook, I thought this story was excellent. For a short story there was so much packed in, but it didn’t feel rushed at any point. I couldn’t have predicted anything about this story and I was so shocked when everything unravelled. I had literal goosebumps reading this story, it was really good!

I think short stories can be quite hard to get right, you don’t want to pack too much in so it feels rushed but at the same time you need to give the reader something to get stuck into.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these stories and what you thought about them!

Em xxx

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