Top Ten Tuesday – Questions I would ask my favourite authors📚

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! It’s Tuesday again, literally the only way I know what day of the week we’re on at the moment is thanks to my pill packet lmao, and that means it’s Top Ten Tuesday again!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is a weekly post, born out of the want to bring us bookish people together and great for those of us that love a good list (me!)

This weeks topic is ten questions I would ask my favourite authors, living or dead. I’ve chosen to post 10 questions, none specific to any authors. Here we gooooooo.

Q1 – Why did you want to become an author? I’m always interested to know the why’s behind things, especially if they were influenced by someone else – more recommendations for me!

Q2 – What inspired you to write this book? I’ve always wanted to try writing a book but I’ve never had that inspiration strike so to get some tips would be useful AF.

Q3 – How did you come up with the title? Some books it’s pretty clear where the title came from and it links directly to the book, but others it’s not so obvious and I’m a nosey bugger haha.

Q4 – Who inspired the main characters? OKAY, so they might just be pure figments of the imagination but there has to be some inspiration from somewhere, right?!

Q5 – Does writing energise or exhaust you? I’m guessing that writing a book is hard work, and I’d love to know how the author feels when they sit down to start piecing together their masterpiece.

Q6 – How do you overcome writers block? Different people will have different practices and ways to overcome this so it’s nice to hear how each individual overcomes it.

Q7 – What is your favourite book? Authors are still people and chances are they love books too!

Q8 – Who is your favourite author? Again, I am NOSEY and I love to know these things.

Q9 – If you didn’t write, what would you do for work? Whilst they may be a super successful writer they surely had to have a back up plan?

Q10 – What is your favourite part of being a writer? This is such an open ended question and I would love to give the author chance to express why they chose this career, what thrills them when they write etc.

And there are my 10 questions! If I’m ever lucky enough to interview an author for my blog I will certainly pull this list up and start quizzing them haha.

As always, let me know if you’re taking part in TTT and I’ll come check out your post too!

Until next time, Em xxx

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