The Room Upstairs, Iain Rob Wright – A Review.

The Room Upstairs by Iain Rob Wright.

Synopsis… “Martin Gable is a boy becoming a man, but nothing can prepare him for the evil that has entered his home. A mysterious doorway has appeared on the landing outside his bedroom. Something is alive inside the mysterious room beyond. Something old. Something hungry. As old resentments arise and home becomes a dangerous place, Martin must become a man and face down the monster his family brought home before it’s too late.”

Overall rating 2.5 out of 5 stars.

My review…

I wanted to love this book, the synopsis sounded excellent and like something right up my street, but it just wasn’t to be. It wasn’t that this book was terrible, there were just a few too many things for me that I couldn’t get past.

The writing itself were average, the author kept overusing “little did we know it would get worse” or words to that effect which really put me off. It ruined the suspense of the book for me.

The author tried too hard to make us think something was wrong which is a big no for me.

The plot itself was good, but we went off track quite often and it took a while to actually get stuck into the main story, which spoiled it for me as it felt we had quite a lot of unnecessary stuff in the book, as if it was being packed out to fill space.

There were so many cliches within this book, it was just too much at points and I did consider DNFR several times.

That being said, parts of the plot really excelled for me, especially when the boyfriend went into the room and the subsequent fall out from this were excellent and really got under my skin and freaked me out!

It wasn’t until the very end of the book when everything came together that I finally felt like the book made sense, and for me it just took too long for it to reach that point and to get into a good rhythm. I do wish that the whole book was the same quality as the last chapter or two, they were excellent.

On the whole, I was really disappointed with this book and I felt the author tried too hard to make this book scary, which really spoiled it for me 😦

Until next time, Em xxx

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