📚Book characters I’d like to be stranded with📚

Hey guys, something a bit different from me today! If you hadn’t guessed from the title I’m writing about book characters I would love to be stranded with and why. I saw this on someone else’s blog forever ago and finally decided to do my own post.

To set the scene we’re stranded on a desert island (just like Jack Sparrow in POTC, minus the rum though *sigh*) and you have to pick 5 people you’d like to be stuck with…

1 – Hermione Granger. As said by multiple people during the HP series Hermione is the brightest witch of her age, so if anyone is going to help us get off the island it will be her. I also think we’d have some great conversations, and if nothing else we could discuss books until we were rescued.

2 – Robert Langdon. Let’s say we’re not getting off the island, we aren’t going to be rescued and we have no way of leaving ourselves… At least if Robert Langdon was with me I could learn and expand my knowledge!

3 – Annabeth Chase. She’s literally the daughter of Athena, if Wise Girl can’t think of a way to get us off this island then I’m afraid it just isn’t worth it. Plus she’s pretty funny so we would at least get to have a laugh.

4 – Jacob Black. This is more just the fact that I think he’s hot AF and if I’m stranded on an island I at least need something nice to look at! Plus the whole werewolf and running hotter than an average person? Islands get cold at night!

5 – Hannibal Lecter. OKAY hear me out… He makes a habit of killing people who are rude or have bad manners and I like to think I’m a polite person so I would be fine. Plus, I would love nothing more than to be able to have conversations with him and delve into his mind.

Admittedly, the last one is probably a weird one but I imagine a couple of the others would be common themes. In fact, let me know who you’d love to be stranded with and we can compare!

Em xxx

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