Top Ten Tuesday – Books that remind me of fall📚

Happy Tuesday fellow bloggers and book lovers! Today is Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by Jenna at That Artsy Reader Girl and is a weekly post born out of a love of books and wanting to bring us book lovers together.

I’ve picked my top 5 books on my bookcase that remind me of the upcoming season and festivities! And that includes Halloween and Christmas (in case you hadn’t guessed!)

Number 1 – One Week Till Christmas by Belinda Missen. Just looking at this book cover makes me feel all festive inside.

Number 2 – The Shining by Stephen King. I watch this film (and try to read the book) every year around Halloween, for me it just reminds me so much of Halloween!

Number 3 – The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. Again, just looking at this book on my shelf reminds me of Halloween it’s like an involuntary reaction haha.

Number 4 – Murder on Christmas Eve by Cecily Gayford. I mean this literally has Christmas Eve in the title of course it’s going to remind me of the festive season.

Number 5 – The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas. I’ve picked this one because of the orange and yellow themes on the cover of the book that literally remind me of falling leaves and kicking through them while I’m walking!

And those are my top 5 books that remind me of Autumn, Halloween and Christmas because for me Autumn just equals festivities.

Let me know what yours are so I can come check out your post too!

Until next time, Em xxx

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