The Ghost in the Closet, M K Theodoratus – A Review.

Hey fellow book bloggers and book lovers! I have another fairly short review coming your way from another October read so here we go!

The Ghost in the Closet by M K Theodoratus.

Synopsis… “Dumdie Swartz’s ability to see ghosts has gotten her into scrapes all her life, ever since she was little. In her senior years, it takes its toll when she gets fired from her job and loses her apartment as a result of her gift. Now homeless, Dumdie is forced to sleep in her car in a shopping mall car park. When she gets the chance of a room in an old house that has been transformed into a shelter she jumps at the opportunity to sleep in a comfy bed once more, but she cannot escape from the dead. Just when it looks like her life is beginning to turn around, the ghost of the former occupant of her room reaches out for her assistance to find her will and save the shelter.

Dumdie is forced into a choice. Should she risk upsetting the rest of the occupants by helping the spirit to find peace?. Or, should she ignore the ghost and walk away, allowing the shelter to close?”

Overall rating 1 out of 5 stars.

My review…

I really don’t want to sound too scathing with this review, so I’m trying super hard to find some positives but I really can’t… I found The Ghost in the Closet very hard to read, there were large blocks of text without breaks or paragraphs and I could feel my eyes moving down the page because there was just so. Much. Text.

Because I found it hard to read I couldn’t actually gather what the story was about, it only became clear towards the last 5% of the book which for me is just too late in the story to explain everything…

There were far too many characters introduced for a story of this length and I found it hard to both keep up with them and form a connection to any of them, which disappointed me as Dumdie seemed like a brilliant character.

I really struggled to read this book, if it wasn’t for the fact it was a short story I would have given up with it because there appeared to be no clear plot, the characters were all over the place and the main question asked throughout the story wasn’t actually cleared up or answered at the end… It was a disappointing read on the whole.

Let me know if you’ve read this book and what you thought!

Em xxx

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