The Halloween Tag!

The rules… 1) thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post. 2) Put the rules at the beginning or after the introduction. 3) Answer the 13 questions. 4) Tag 13 people to take part in the tag. 5) Delete Q13 and add your own question.

Thank you so much for the tag Petals, Paws and Pages for tagging me in this tag! I love anything to do with Halloween so I am beyond excited to take part in this…

Q1 – What is your favourite thing about October? October is actually my birthday month so that’s what I love the most! Very closely followed by Halloween.

Q2 – Are you a big celebrator of Halloween? To an extent yes, I absolutely love Halloween, however, I’m quite introverted to my plans usually include carving pumpkins, watching horror films and decorating my room. But going out to parties and trick or treating NO THANK U.

Q3 – What’s your favourite horror movie? Ah please don’t put me on the spot like this, I actually CANNOT decide. It’s a toss up between a few…

Q4 – Would you rather a cosy night in watching horror or a big night in a costume? A cosy night in watching horror anyday.

Q5 – Which has been your favourite costume to date? I once dressed up as an undead prom queen, which meant I got to wear my prom dress again which I LOVED.

Q6 – Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch? Pin the hat on the witch, DUH!

Q7 – How you celebrate Halloween? Usually by carving some pumpkins, getting some popcorn and chocolate and watching horror films.

Q8 – What’s your least favourite horror? I really hate The Blair Witch Project. It doesn’t scare me, I just really detest it!

Q9 – Do you have a favourite trick or treating memory? I do not 😦 I do remember when I went for a run last Halloween though and got chased by a kid dressed as a werewolf that was pretty scary lmao.

Q10 – What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? That no one judges me for my crazy love of horror films.

Q11 – Scary or silly costume? Silly.

Q12 – What’s your favourite Halloween candy? I don’t really get anything specific for Halloween but if the packaging has like Halloween themes on then I will definitely pick that one over others!

Q13 – How are you celebrating Halloween this year? I will be carving a pumpkin with my boyfriend, eating popcorn and I think watching my two new DVDs, The Ring and The Grudge.

There you have my answers to the Halloween tag. I loved doing this one, as Halloween is literally my second favourite time of the year and whilst it looks different for a lot of people, Halloween 2020 is perfectly normal for me because I usually stay inside and don’t trick or treat or go to parties!

Until next time, Em xxx

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