April NetGalley Update!

Hello fellow bookworms and bloggers! This is the first in the series of my monthly NetGalley updates, in some vain attempt to keep myself on track with my ratio…

I have really gotten my requesting under control over the last month or two, but I had a few that I was reeeeeeeally desperate to read and the book gods answered me!

All at once...

So, as of 1.4.21 my stats are:

Ratio – 88%

41 Approved / 36 feedback sent

My titles to read are:

– The Happy Family by Jackie Kabler.

– The Repeater Book of the Occult by Eugene Thacker, Tariq Goddard and others.

– The House of Dust by Noah Broyles.

– The Perfect Life by Nuala Ellwood.

– One Monsoon in Mumbai by Anitha Perinchery.

I am very excited to read every single one of these titles, and I am forever grateful to have access to copies of these books before their publish date😭

I will update this again in May and I’ll redo my stats and see if I’ve improved my ratio! Hint – probs not 🙂

Em xxx

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