The Perfect Wife, Blake Pierce – A Review.

Hello friends! I am back with another book review, which this time is The Perfect Wife by Blake Pierce – you can read the synopsis on Goodreads here.

Overall rating 1 out of 5 stars.

I want to start by saying I try really hard to find positives and good parts of books, so that even if it didn’t quite hit the spot there are still positives to discuss… There were none in this book, none at all. From start to finish I sat with this look of what I can only describe as incredulity on my face.

Within the first few pages of the book we were introduced to Jessie and her husband, Kyle, of which Jessie clearly resented her husband for making them up sticks and move to what sounded like a beautiful home, instead of their cramped LA apartment (I mean totally obvious reason to hate your husband…)

Throughout the book this theme of hatred/dislike/arguing between Jessie and her husband just continued, to the point their constant cycle of rows and making up felt like it was meant to be the main plot of the story, instead of just a little something to fill time.

It started to feel less like the thriller we were promised and more like some bad romance/drama type book.

From the very beginning I picked up that there were secret society vibes and within a few chapters I was already getting sick of it.

(If you’ve ever watched Hot Fuzz I was getting real village of the year winner vibes from these people, except Hot Fuzz is actually good and this book was not).

At points, the plot got so mixed up and convoluted with different aspects I had to go backwards and forwards between pages trying to understand what was going on.

Character wise I just could not warm to any of them, Jessie thought she knew best ALL THE TIME, her husband Kyle wasn’t much better, and as for the minor characters they were so stereotypical and had a severe lack of diversity. Everyone was white middle/upper class American’s with incredibly stereotypical gender roles.

As for the ending of this book, the only positive is that it meant it was over and I didn’t have to suffer through anymore of this bizarre, stereotypical book.

I definitely did not enjoy my read of The Perfect Wife and am considering unhauling the other Blake Pierce books I have on my TBR if they are all like this…

Until next time, Em xxx

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