The Guest List, Lucy Foley – A Review.

Hello fellow bookworms! I’m here again with another book review to share with you all, this time it’s The Guest List by Lucy Foley! You can check it out here on Goodreads. (I also want to apologise to whoever brought me this for my birthday because it took me nearly 9 months to read it!)

Overall rating – 5 stars.

Straight away as soon as I started to read this book I could feel the fear rooting itself in my mind, and by the time I finished reading this book I was absolutely terrified. I’m usually quite difficult to scare, but The Guest List really got to me…

From the start there was this huge sense of foreboding and tension which oozed through the pages, something that the author effortlessly kept up throughout the whole book, no easy feat to keep those feelings building up.

The sheer number of characters in this book also lent itself well to the story telling, it allowed us as the reader to get a glimpse into the past and present, through the eyes of various characters, who all have very different perceptions and memories of what happened all those years ago…

I also felt that The Guest List used this number of characters to its advantage, in helping to weave multiple different plot lines to create an explosive final few chapters.

Every plot line within this book was well thought out, well delivered and ultimately, added value to the story. Something that you don’t see often in books. Everything blended together so wonderfully to create a chilling, foreboding and downright frightening atmosphere.

The atmosphere of this book was second to none, also. The description of the island, the choppy seas surrounding and the characters themselves brought this book to life, and made me feel as though I was sitting at the wedding rehearsal dinner, or at the wedding, or overlooking the water on the cliff edge. It was so cleverly done.

The ending of this book was the icing on the cake for me, and while I didn’t want it to end, I definitely wasn’t disappointed!

The shorter chapter lengths (they were short, snappy and felt like we were rolling down a hill at speed), the well written chapters pointing fingers at each character, never revealing the truth until the very end… It all made for a truly thrilling ending.

I cannot find a fault with The Guest List by Lucy Foley, it was a truly remarkable read.

Let me know if you’ve read this one and what you thought of it!

Until next time, Em xxx

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