September plan onwards!

Hey guys! September is here which is why I wanted to take the time to actually type up my thoughts of how I’ll be doing things on my blog from now until I feel like another change!

So, from now onwards…

I will be posting two days a week, possibly a third if I get backed up again with reviews. Tuesday will be other bookish related content and Friday will be review day. The only other day I will post is a Sunday, which is in case of a backlog.

Some of my posts recently have used the CAWPILE rating system, and some haven’t, due to how they were scheduled. Going forwards all books will be rated using this system – it’s a much better way (for me personally) to give a book a star rating, without just gushing that I absolutely loved it 5 stars.

Not all book reviews will be fully written and long, some of them will be 10 or 15 thoughts whilst reading [book tittle] this is because sometimes it’s just really hard to write a full review of something! I will still rate the book out of 5 though. And this will not be something I do for ARCs, they will always get a full review from me.

I’ve also had a little bit of a rebrand! Which you may have already noticed, but will start to see more of in my posts. I’ve created some new graphics and changed the colours around – I just fancied something different! Do let me know what you think (unless you don’t like it then please keep that opinion to yourself, I’m very sensitive haha).

This theme is now consistent across my blog and Twitter page (you can find me @WhatEmsReadingX).

I am super excited to get started with this new plan and I will be hopefully sharing a NetGalley update with you all tomorrow to get my month off to a good start.

Let me know what upcoming blog posts you’ve got, as I’m more determined to spend time interacting with all my fellow bloggers and friends!

Until next time, Em xxx

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