Mini Reviews!

Hello fellow bloggers! I have a couple of mini reviews to share with you of books I read recently! They weren’t long enough for a full review so I’ve just done a few lines on each.

Kellie’s Diary #1 by Thomas Jenner.

Overall rating – 2 stars.

The story itself and how it was presented to us, reading a book in a diary format from a child’s perspective as they navigate the end of the world. It was a completely different take on the world ending trope. I will admit I did find it difficult to warm to Kellie (our narrator and child) for no other reason than I just felt she was a bit annoying…

There are other books in the series after this one, but I felt like it still cut off really abruptly and felt like a marketing ploy to get others to buy the next book.

I will say I was really bugged by this one once I reached the end of the book, the kindle version had a text only format at the end (the story was actually done as if written in a diary on lined paper, with childlike handwriting) and it made it feel as if the book was much longer.

The Killing Type by Jane Corry.

Overall rating – 2 stars.

My main issue with this book was it’s length, it could have easily been a longer story and had so much more value and quality to it.

No sooner had I started reading this book I guessed where it was going and how it would end, I feel if it was longer it wouldn’t have been so easy to do so, the author could have spent more time building up to the story, teasing us with little hints and comments.

The story itself was clever, the premise was good I just felt like it lacked that length to make it into a really good plot and book.

Until next time, Em xxx

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