Opposites Attract, Camilla Isley – A Review.

Hello fellow bloggers and bookworms! I’m here today to share my 10 thoughts whilst reading Opposites Attract by Camilla Isley, you can read the synopsis on Goodreads here.

I’ve decided to do 10 thoughts while reading because I feel like my review of this one would have been a little thin on the ground. So anyway, here we go!

Overall rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

1 – This book was marketed as enemies to lovers but I’m getting more of a they just generally dislike each other instead of a whole enemy situation.

2 – I actually would have been so angry if a random therapist started giving advice to my underage daughter, without my consent, like surely that’s illegal?!

3 – The writing is bang average with this one, it certainly didn’t fill me with awe and was quite basic, but it was enjoyable and easy to read.

4 – At around the half way point of the story not a lot had happened, it was really disappointing to think it was just a lot of back and forth between Vivian and Lucas…

5 – Oh godddddddd, the tit for tat chapters were doing my head in.

6 – Side note, one of the women Lucas had a date with was a flat earther, and I will admit, that did get a full on snort of laughter out of me!

7 – Tegan was my favourite character of this book, she had something about her and actually contributed to the story. I would have actually liked chapters from her POV as well, she would have added another angle.

8 – Granted, when Lucas missed the date because he was helping Tegan it did warm my heart, I just wish that Vivian wasn’t so quick to jump to a conclusion and blame Lucas for being a dick.

9 – There were definitely some sub plots that were introduced and never wrapped up, the dating agency for one (and that was quite a large section of the story) and then Tegan’s Dad, she made this big thing about it until she met him and then it just kind of got forgotten about.

10 – I’m most disappointed by the ending of this one, it seemed to end so abruptly and definitely felt more like the end of a chapter instead of the end of the whole book, it was a real let down.

And there you have it, I was really disappointed by this one, it really wasn’t what I expected. From the cover and the synopsis it sounded like something I’d really love and I’m sad to say that I didn’t 😦

Let me know if you’ve read this one though, and what you thought of it!

Until next time, Em xxx

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