ARC – She Kills Me, Jennifer Wright – A Review.

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog! Today I am sharing my review of She Kills Me by Jennifer Wright, which I was lucky enough to reeive an ARC of, so thank you NetGalley and Abrams!

You can read the synopsis of She Kills Me on Goodreads here.

Overall ratng – 5 out of 5 stars.

Let me start by saying I am OBSESSED with this book! I could not put it down once I started reading it, and honestly I am going to buy a physical copy as soon as I possibly can…

She Kills Me by Jennifer Wright is a non-fic book, focusing on female killers. Because anything men can do, so can women! And sometimes, as shown in this book, they can do it even better than men.

On the whole, I loved the way this book was laid out, each section had a title showing us what was to come, followed by a cool little sentence or comment underneath (which often were witty and sarcastic and gave me a good giggle).

The entire book was written as if Wright was talking directly to us, in this friendly, sometimes humorous and often sarcastic and witty tone. It made me feel like a friend was sitting opposite me on the sofa, and we had a glass of wine and we were just having a good chat. Despite the subject matter, it was a really welcoming feel to the book.

Also, PRAISE for Jennifer Wright and having trigger warnings at the start of each murderers chapter (if required) so that you could skip through if the topic was triggering for you.

Each section brought a new “group” of female murderers, and so I’m going to do a quick one or two sentence review/thoughts on each section.

Section 1 was all about psychos, and I actually learnt about a few new women in this section which I am excited to do some more reading about!

Section 2 was poisoners. Now I have to say I wasn’t really up to date with any female poisoners, so everyone in this chapter was new to me and that definitely made it more enjoyable.

Section 3 was one of my favourites! Even though I knew quite a bit about the murderers in this section, Wright’s tone of writing made me want to keep reading about the cases, even though I already was quite knowledgeable, just because I enjoyed her writing style so much.

Section 4 was called black widows, and my only review is that the comment at the start of this section wins the whole book…

Section 5 was about scorned women, and whilst it was a little bit short compared to the other chapters in the book, this was the one where I could not fault the women at all!

Section 6 was moving towards mercenaries, something completely new to me in terms of female murderers and one that definitely wet my appetite to find out more about these women of history.

Section 7 is QUEEEEEEEEEEEEENS! This was one was possibly the best section of the book, the author brought so much sass to this section (which I loved). I also thought it was really cool to read about how these women were so powerful that men feared them.

Section 8 was based around female warriors, and for me was the least interesting and my least favourite section of the whole book. That being said, it was definitely an interesting read and di introduce some completely badass women.

Section 9 was called avenging angels and I feel like it was the best way to finish this book off. I actually really enjoyed reading about how these women killed for revenge, and tbh I can get on board with some of their reasons…

On the whole, She Kills Me was a truly informative and actually quite fun read, I devoured this book! And not only will I be buying myself a copy, I’ll also be getting my Mom one too (she loves reading about serial killers, so this book is right up her street).

Let me know if you’ve read She Kills Me and what you thought, or if it’s going onto your TBR list!

Until next time, Em xxx

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