ARC – Behind The Veil by E J Dawson – A Review.

Hello fellow bookworms and friends and welcome to my blog! Today I’m sharing my review of Behind The Veil by E J Dawson, which I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of in return for a free and honest review on my blog. So thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial.

You can read the synopsis of Behind The Veil on Goodreads here.

Overall rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

Straight away I knew I was going to absolutely ADORE this book, and I was right! I wasn’t sure whether to categorise this as a horror or thriller, because it had aspects of both – which definitely added to my love of this book.

We start off by meeting Letitia, who I could not fault as a character, she was deep and interesting and was the perfect main character for a story of this much mystery and intrigue. The other characters just fit perfectly with the story too, Alasdair, Mrs Finch, Imogen and Finola were all integrated into the story wonderfully and added so much value.

The only character I had an issue with was Abby, I felt the way she was written was in complete contrast to the other characters and their nature, it seemed a bit odd to me.

And talking of things adding value to the story, the atmosphere of Behind The Veil was impeccable. Whilst I was reading it felt as though all my senses were heightened, waiting for something to go bang and disturb the tension of the book.

It was the same with the intrigue that the author built up, I couldn’t fault it, at no point did the book become boring or feel like I was trying to hurry it along to get to another part of the story, it just kept that pace right through to the end.

To top everything off the writing and the plot were out of this world!

The writing was incredible, so descriptive, I felt as if I was in the story alongside our characters. The author formed the most amazing sentences and paragraphs, whether it be while Letitia was dealing with her families looking for closure, or when she was trying to help Finola, or when Alasdair and Letitia were flirting. It seemed no matter what the nature of the chapter or topic, the author was pulling it out of the bag with truly excellent writing.

And the plot, OH MY GOD it was amazing. Behind The Veil was an interesting and well-balanced read, it had everything you could want from a horror/thriller/mystery book.

I couldn’t fault any part of the story, but the last 15-20% where we reached the crescendo and ending of the book was just impeccable. A combination of plot and writing meant we finished Behind The Veil feeling fulfilled, thrilled, and full of enjoyment from what was an amazing book.

On the whole, I can’t fault Behind The Veil by E J Dawson, it had everything I could want from a book!

Again, thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the ARC of this book to read and review.

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