Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame – A Review.

Hello fellow friends and bookworms! I’m here today bringing you my review of Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame, which you can read the synopsis of on Goodreads here.

Overall rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

I want to say that it took me an embarrassingly long time to sort through my notes on this book, I literally went crazy and just typed pages upon pages while I was reading and then I had to form something coherent from it!

The first thing I want to draw praise to is the entire plot of this book, sure it was a little cliche at points, but the author just seemed to add a complete other level to the story. I loved how it seemed to grow and step outside the box, to form a truly interesting and enjoyable plot.

I mean Lucy (our main character) is a child prodigy, who is terrible with relationships, and Jensen is trying hard to please his parents, but not turn into his Dad and also follow his own dreams, it just SCREAMS cliche, but it didn’t feel that way, it felt refreshing and different.

And I think that the characters being as vibrant and interesting as they were only helped the overall enjoyment I got from this book. Every character was different but in a good way! They complimented each other perfectly.

A huge shoutout to the author as well for actually focusing on the characters and the interactions between them, there were some scenes that were unremarkable until the characters were introduced, and when they were the whole thing just exploded into this funny, heartwarming, and truly wonderful story.

The chapters in the book involving Lucy’s family were perfectly written, I found myself laughing out loud so much! And Freya was written to be this beautiful friend, who I admit I did judge early in the book, but I soon changed my opinion of her.

Given the nature of the story, the author also did well to build up intrigue and interest – but I have to say it was achieved! I couldn’t put this book down for needing to know what happened next, I was so drawn into the story and the characters.

The writing of Imperfect Chemistry was good, but not excellent. I can’t fault it, I just felt as though it was lacking that little spark. But, the rest of the book more than made up for that little missing piece, so much so, I barely focused on the writing.

The overall entertainment and joy and love I got from this book made Imperfect Chemistry an excellent read, one that I would recommend when you fancy a cliche but also something outside the box!


Also, big shout out to the author for addressing Freya’s sexual assault, and how it isn’t uncommon. The author also took the time to include some information and contact numbers that victims can make us of, should they wish to.


Until next time, Em xxx

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