Some weird update type thing?!

Hello friends and fellow bookworms! Todays post is a bit random, I just fancied something different on my blog. So I decided to recreate a photo from over a year ago…

I can’t find the original post that I shared the fist picture on, but a bit of background for you!

Picture one was taken in May 2020, it was midway through lockdown and I was kind of bored one day, so I thought what better to do than measure myself against books… (For reference I am 5ft3″ or just about anyway lol) and I kinda thought ehhh if they fall down, what better way to die than being crushed by my books.

The second picture (which is now missing approximately 25 books) was taken in August of 2021, when I decided to see how much my book pile had grown. It had… Drastically.

I am overwhelmed sometimes by the sheer number of books that I own, and honestly I fear having to move them all when I buy my own house. I’m scared they will get damaged or fall and crush me while I’m packing them.

With the extra 25ish books I’m missing I now have two piles that are definitely over 5ft3″ and ya know what, I’m not even sorry! I could be addicted to drugs or gambling, instead I’m addicted to buying books and adding them to my collection and then not reading them for 3 years🙈

There wasn’t really any rhyme or reason to this post, I just wanted to share something a bit different today!

Until next time, Em xxx

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