📚Books I’m adding to my TBR based on StoryGraph recs📚

Hello friends and fellow bookworms! I am sharing something slightly different today, and that is books I’ve added to my TBR based on StoryGraph recs.

I recently signed up to StoryGraph and imported my entire Goodreads library onto there, which definitely helped me get some more personalised recs! And if you haven’t signed up for StoryGraph, why not?! It’s such a good alternative to other platforms AND you get the most amazing graphs based on your reading. I saw them and nearly cried I’m not going to lie to you!

Anyway, this list will likely grow as I have new recs every time I log in, but for the moment here are the ones I’ve added to my TBR – complete with a link to the synopsis.

Game of Life by Belle Brooks (read the synopsis here)

Cheerleading Can Be Murder by Carissa Ann Lynch (read the synopsis here)

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (read the synopsis here)

Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl (read the synopsis here)

Children of the Dark by Matthew Revert, Jonathan Janz (read the synopsis here)

Mister Tender’s Girl by Carter Wilson (read the synopsis here)

Shunned by Steffanie Holmes (read the synopsis here)

Semblance by Logan Patricks (read the synopsis here) I’ve actually not long purchased this one so it’s going to live on my shelves for months now of course!

If you have read any of these books let me know what you thought in the comments (but no spoilers please and thank you!)

Until next time, Em xxx

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