Why I’m going on a hiatus…

Hello friends and welcome to What Em’s Reading, which has been home to my book reviews, book tags and all manner of bookish content for nearly 4 years now!

In that 4 years A LOT has changed and that is why, with a heavy heart, I am taking a hiatus from my blog.

Book blogging doesn’t hold the same joy and passion that it used to at the moment, and whist I try not to get brought down by poor views and engagement on my posts, especially as this is a hobby for me and not something I am trying to make money from, it’s hard not to.

And with me taking on more responsibility at work, alongside undertaking my AAT qualifications, I feel like I can’t commit the time to this blog that I used to.

I plan to continue writing my reviews and sharing them on Goodreads and StoryGraph, both of which you can add/follow me on, I’m here on Goodreads and @whatemsreadingx on StoryGraph.

I just feel I can’t commit to the other bits that come with posting the reviews on my blog, the editing of the post (still h8 you wordpress block editor), the linking everything, the scheduling and then the boosting the post for minimal views and engagement.

Ever since I joined the bookish community all those years ago I have felt at home and welcomed, and my taking a break is nothing to do with not feeling like I belong or like I’m unwelcome. In fact, it’s completely the opposite, I feel so incredibly safe in this community that I know no one will judge me for the decision to take a step back for a lil while, at least from my blog.

Before I finish and say see ya soon, I wanted to share some of my favourite posts from over the years in the hope that you too will get some enjoyment from reading them.

My 2019 TBR back when I was young and foolish and barely had any books to read!

My take on the TTT books that would make good band names…

And the characters I would like to be stranded with, ya know if I had a choice when I got stuck on an island.

My top books of 2020!

My top ARCs of 2021!

And my personal favourite, my review and discussion post of the PJO series reread I did.

This isn’t a goodbye as such, it’s more of a I’m taking an extended break and hope to be back soon when I’ve got the time and energy to commit to this blog. In the meantime, I am on Goodreads and StoryGraph and you can always find me tweeting random shit over on @WhatEmsReadingX

Lots of love to you all and happy reading.

Em xxx

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